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We help Local Authorities to reduce their carbon emissions, lower energy costs and ensure energy resilience.

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Local Authorities are directly responsible for 2-5% of their local area’s carbon emissions1. They also have a unique opportunity to encourage action throughout their areas of control – including planning powers over buildings and transport; enforcement of building regulations; powers to make sure buildings meet minimum energy efficiency standards; and borrowing and investment powers. What’s more, as many Local Authorities own a significant amount of real estate, they can also lead by example through their own investments in low-carbon energy technologies. 

Local Authorities are best placed to deliver bottom-up results in mitigating the climate emergency and providing resilience to the effects of climate change. We help Local Authorities to reduce their carbon emissions, while reducing energy costs and ensuring energy resilience. Our extensive experience in helping to solve the energy challenges across Local Authorities ensures the maximum return on investments, increased efficiency and reduced carbon emissions.

Source: A councillor’s workbook on the local pathway to net zero, Local Government Association

Energy solutions for Local Authorities

We deliver a full range of technologies and services that help Local Authorities to analyse, finance, install, operate and optimise energy. Combined with our whole building approach that encompasses fabric upgrades such as window replacements and roof and wall insulation, our solutions deliver cost efficiency, resilience and sustainability.

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We help the Public Sector assemble the right technology to achieve your economic and environmental goals – using our unique combination of full lifecycle support, flexible financing and end-to-end accountability.