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Responding to the spread of coronavirus - Message from our Managing Director

Powering the manufacturing industry

We enable manufacturers to reduce costs and improve efficiency – helping them be more competitive and more resilient.

Remaining competitive as margins shrink – particularly in the face of low-cost, overseas economies – means reducing rising input costs whilst increasing investment in innovation, automation and new business models. With the demands of regulators and consumers ever more exacting, manufacturers need to minimise waste and employ resources efficiently.

Our experience and innovative energy solutions mean that, whatever your particular manufacturing sector, we can help you improve margins, reduce both downtime and risks to production, ensure product quality, strengthen your brand and build a sustainable future.

Find out how we help manufacturers

Manufacturers can improve competitiveness by optimising production efficiency, improving operational resilience and building a more compliant and sustainable future.

Our energy solutions

Our innovative, flexible solutions include insight and analytics, on-site generation, renewable energy technologies and flexible funding. With our end-to-end delivery and fully-managed service options, we enable you to focus on maximising uptime and increasing profitability with new ways to improve competitiveness, gain more value from your energy assets, protect just-in-time schedules, guarantee right first time production and achieve sustainable business growth.