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Improving operations and cutting energy costs: Step-by-step instructions for manufacturers

For manufacturers, the need to improve operations, streamline production, and optimize energy consumption has escalated to a business critical issue.

Out of control maintenance costs,  system failures, and energy waste  all have become concerns of Facility Managers and their managers.

Once only on the agendas of Facility Managers, the necessity to cut costs and increase profits has facilitated the shift  of energy management from a tactical issue to a strategic one.
However, currently, only about half of manufacturers have energy management plans in place for the next five years. The disparity between the recognized need and the neglected planning is leading manufacturers to demand guidance and direction for cutting energy costs and improving operational efficiencies.

The outlook, however, is not as bleak  as it may seem. There are new techniques  and innovations that allow forward-thinking manufacturers to plan and implement real change in energy management and operational efficiencies.

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