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Battery Storage Solutions

Deploy a sustainable, efficient and resilient battery energy storage system with our end-to-end solution that encompasses EPC, O&M and optimisation.

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Energy storage solutions are key technology to decarbonise and support our energy systems. With rapid deployment of renewable energy putting pressure on grid stability, rising energy demand, limited flexible fossil-fueled generation capacity, and growing value of market opportunities, a battery energy storage system (BESS) can improve the reliability of on-site energy supply whilst lowering commercial energy costs and providing revenue opportunities that support grid stability.

We provide comprehensive, fully integrated and market-leading battery storage solutions that can serve all of your requirements. By interfacing with a single company, you enjoy a streamlined process for EPC (engineering, procurement and construction), O&M (operation and maintenance), and optimisation of your BESS in grid support and energy markets.

Benefits for your business

  • Lower energy costs by storing energy on-site for later use during peak price times.
  • Create a bridge to backup to ensure uninterrupted supply while your backup generation comes online.
  • Provide a resilient energy supply to secure your business from unplanned grid interruptions.
  • Boost renewable generation and maximise your commercial energy strategy by enabling flexible usage on-site.
  • Earn guaranteed revenue while our expert team manages your batteries in grid support and energy markets.
49 MW

Capacity of our battery energy storage system at Roosecote, one of Europe’s largest battery storage facilities, which is used as an asset to support National Grid and ensure grid stability


Monitoring of available flexible markets for Eelpower’s 10 MW battery storage facility, providing them with guaranteed financial returns through the intelligent optimisation of their batteries


Higher value streams for Terhills holiday park by utilizing our AI technology to ensure their multi-asset Virtual Power Plant consisting of 140 batteries is active in multiple markets

Maximise your investment by monetising your battery energy storage system in grid support and energy markets and earn guaranteed revenue.

Why Centrica Business Solutions?

  • End-to-end solution ­– including EPC, O&M and optimisation through a single contact to streamline the process.
  • Guaranteed revenue – using our unrivalled AI technology and in-house expertise to monetise your batteries.
  • Market-leading warranties and guarantees – to ensure optimal conditions and maximised battery utilisation.
  • Zero-CAPEX financing to support your storage business case and deliver greater value to your business.
  • Committed to innovation – we work with industry leaders to bring state-of-the-art technology to our customers.
  • Experience and track record – we have global expertise delivering end-to-end solutions that drive your strategy.

We have over 100 MW of battery load under management in various international markets

10 yrs

Lock in a fixed rate of return for up to 10 years when you optimise your batteries in grid support and energy markets


We sponsored the Institution of Engineering and Technology technical documentation on energy storage

Contact us to learn how our battery storage solutions can add value, resilience, sustainability, and revenue for your business.

Pair solar pv with battery storage solutions to store renewable energy for later use, during grid failures, or to lower costs during peak price times.