Energy Efficiency

Uncover new growth opportunities, identify ways to save cost and carbon emissions, improve operational efficiency and reduce business risk.

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Businesses are looking for ways to improve operational efficiency, manage their energy spend and importantly, reduce carbon emissions. Energy has the potential to enable your transition to net zero by helping your business work more efficiently. 

Energy Efficiency solutions from Centrica Business Solutions help you define a long-term energy management strategy by engaging in a detailed energy efficiency audit across your entire estate to identify inefficiencies and potential areas for improvement. Implementing a strategy that includes everything from equipment and installation to scheduling, funding and ongoing maintenance.

Operational excellence and cost management are a core focus of all organisations. When managed well, energy can help drive business growth.

Benefits for your business

  • Capture detailed insight and analysis into your business with an end-to-end energy efficiency audit
  • Identify opportunities to immediately reduce energy spend, carbon emissions and boost business performance
  • Improve management of existing energy infrastructure and find out how new solutions can support your objectives
  • Support optimal design, plan and procurement of new solutions to capture the largest cost and carbon savings
  • Create an energy efficiency pathway for your business across everything from lighting to on-site generation
Leaders in sustainability who already have a decarbonisation plan, based on scientific data and targets, in place
Leaders in sustainability who say decarbonisation through energy management is a critical part of their sustainability plan
Leaders in sustainability who say their sustainability initiatives help them to tap into green finance opportunities

Source: Why wait to pursue net zero? report, Centrica Business Solutions, 2021.

Learn more about how our Energy Efficiency solution can help power business performance and decarbonisation.

Why Centrica Business Solutions

  • A full energy services supplier that enables revenue generation, cost reduction and a more flexible energy portfolio
  • Experience and track record means we have the expertise to deliver end-to-end efficiency solutions
  • Utilise insight and analysis from your efficiency programme to inform a robust decarbonisation strategy and timeline
  • Electrical Solutions team is positioned to ensure your business abides by all new regulations and remains resilient
Data points collected by our energy insights solutions every month.
Global workforce of technicians and engineers supporting our customers.
Customer sites where we're installing, operating and optimising solutions.
Gain a comprehensive understanding of your entire energy estate with real-time, device-level monitoring.