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Powering the Public Sector

Through integrated, low-carbon energy solutions, we help all parts of the Public Sector to meet net zero targets, improve resilience and reduce energy costs.

Public funds are now being given to green investments in the Public Sector, such as the Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme​ (PSDS) which entered Phase 3 in late-2021 as an example. This funding often has tight timescales attached, so planning a comprehensive net zero strategy now can help prepare your organisation to capitalise on new funding when it becomes available.

Demonstrating best value is the number one priority of any publicly funded organisation. Limited budgets and conflicting priorities can restrict spending that doesn’t immediately impact frontline services. But ageing and inefficient energy estates can cause energy wastage and avoidable spend. Most worryingly, it could put patient care at risk.

New, low-carbon energy technologies offer public services with opportunities to improve both environmental and financial sustainability. Our experience shows that you can simultaneously reduce carbon emissions, lower energy costs and generate new revenue streams to invest in public services. 

Energy solutions to power the Public Sector

We deliver integrated energy solutions across all parts of the Public Sector, with specific focus on:

Having committed to becoming the world’s first net zero national health service, we can help the NHS to bridge the gap between national decarbonisation targets and actions for individual trusts or hospitals. All this, while ensuring your energy solutions are economically viable and safeguard patient care.
We help provide safer, healthier, and more productive higher education learning environments, while reducing carbon emissions and energy costs. Our extensive experience in helping to solve the energy challenges in education ensures the maximum return on investments, increased efficiency and reduced carbon emissions.
Central Government
From offices to accommodation, classrooms and more – Central Government has a broad estate, with diverse energy requirements. At the same time, many sites have underutilised real estate. We’ll help you navigate the options that will drive maximum value from your real estate and reduce both your carbon emissions and costs.
Local Authorities
Local Authorities have a unique opportunity to lead the energy transition, by placing decarbonisation at the heart of community. They can also lead by example by investing in low-carbon technologies. We help local authorities implement energy solutions that are both environmentally and economically responsible.
Public sector financing options

Power your energy strategy with Centrica Business Solutions’ range of flexible commercial and financing options.

Current available funding from the Public Sector
  • Salix – England (PSDS) - provides funding for renewable technologies and energy efficiency measures to enable you to decarbonise heat and buildings.
  • Green Heat Network Fund (GHNF) - funding to decarbonise heat networks.
  • BEIS Heat Investment Vehicle (BHIVE) - Dynamic purchasing system for Public Sector heat network owners/developers that procures funding from a range of funders.
  • The Wales Funding Programme (Salix and Invest to Save) - provides funding for energy efficiency measures. Approved by the Welsh Government and administered by Salix, providing funding for renewable technologies.
Centrica Business Solutions finance options
  • Energy Services Agreement (ESA) – finances the installation of multi-technology solutions
  • Discount Energy Purchase (DEP) – funds on-site generation assets. You pay a fixed p/kWh unit rate for the electricity you generated, inclusive of ongoing maintenance
  • Flexible Term Agreement (FTA) – enhances the flexibility of DEP with the ability to replace or return the unit after 3-5 years, helping you to adapt to changing circumstances.
  • Optional Ownership Agreement (OOA) – expands the flexibility of our DEP option, enabling you to invest a level of CAPEX to lower the fixed rate.
Your routes to market

We work across a range of frameworks that can provide you with a more effective way of bringing a tender to market, giving you the structure needed to more easily compare and contrast responses.

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