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Powering the healthcare sector

We help healthcare providers to protect and improve patient care by making their operations more efficient, resilient and reducing energy costs.

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With increasing demand for healthcare services at a time when funding shortfalls and higher input costs are placing budgets under pressure, as well as increasingly strict regulations and security demands, it has never been more important for the healthcare sector to optimise its energy infrastructures.

We have a wealth of experience in helping to solve healthcare providers’ challenges and ensure a reliable and efficient energy infrastructure that enables 24/7 access, harnessing the power of energy to improve patient outcomes. 

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Distributed Energy Future Trends

Our new report explains what it means to be a more economic and environmental business that is sustainable and future focused, and the steps you can take to start your journey.

We researched over 1,500 businesses and energy decision-makers in large organisations across 10 countries in 7 sectors to understand the experience businesses are having, how they are adapting to these changes and the changing role of energy.