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Powering the Data Centre sector

We provide data centres with an affordable and reliable supply of on-site power generation when they need it.

Energy requirements within the data centre sector are already far beyond that of most other industries and it is only increasing. Energy consumption from data centres is projected to be 20% of all global energy use by 2040, up from just 3% (416.2 TWh) in 2017.

Businesses are passing critical information and tools through their data centres every day and need assurance that they can access this whenever and wherever they need. The challenge is how best to manage this energy requirement whilst still ensuring operational resilience and keeping costs under control.

Learn how we have safeguarded resilience and generated new revenue for a global data centre provider
Take control of your energy
Secure and stable energy supply
Data centres can often be limited by the supply of energy available from the national grid and getting agreement for grid capacity can often be a long process. Our on-site energy generation solutions provide a fast, reliable energy available when it is needed.
less cost, more revenue.
Reliable and resilient energy solutions
Data centres carry business critical information so it is vital that your customers are able to access this 24/7. Ensure that the costly risk of unscheduled downtime is minimised by utilising distributed energy solutions that offer a consistent and uninterrupted power supply.
Find out how our on-site data centre solutions can put the power and control back into your hands.
Power when you need it

Take control of your energy with your own microgrid ensuring resilience for you and your customers whilst maintaining or even improving your sustainability credentials, all within a competitive costing structure that puts the power in your hands.