Trees and pathway inside dome - Powering tourist attractions

Powering tourist attractions

We help tourist attractions to fulfil their energy requirements with integrated energy solutions to improve efficiency, resilience, and sustainability.

With unique site requirements and a variety of facilities and experiences on offer, tourist attractions face a number of critical energy challenges. Steady usage calls for reliable, secure energy supply and the ability to accommodate future demand. Now is the time for tourist attractions to optimise their energy infrastructure and services.

We support tourist attractions to solve their energy challenges, providing integrated energy solutions to increase energy efficiency, cut operational costs, improve resilience without service disruption, and implement sustainable energy strategies.

Energy solutions for tourist attractions

We deliver a full range of technologies and services to help tourist attractions to analyse, finance, install, operate and optimise energy.

Diagram of energy solutions for sports and leisure

Delivering for tourist attractions

Find out how we work to meet your objectives.

We help tourist attractions to assemble the right technology to achieve your economic and environmental goals – using our unique combination of full lifecycle support, flexible financing and end-to-end accountability.