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Responding to the spread of coronavirus - Message from our Managing Director

About us We provide energy expertise and distributed energy solutions to organisations around the world to improve their operational efficiency, increase resilience and drive their business vision forward.

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Centrica Business Solutions operates across the UK and Ireland, Europe and North America and is at the forefront of the distributed energy market. With price predictability a thing of the past, increasing volatility of supply, and new energy technologies emerging, we provide energy expertise to help our customers become economically and environmentally sustainable.

Through our acquisitions of market leading energy specialists ENER-G, Panoramic Power, REstore, Vista Solar, CES Energy and SmartWatt, we can provide the innovative thinking as well as the energy insights, optimisation and on-site generation solutions our customers need to achieve their goals.

Energy Intelligence
Data points collected per month
On-site generation
Combined Heat and Power units produced
Demand management
Total assets optimised

We have a strong global presence, supporting customers across 34 countries

Energy leadership

We have three areas of focus to drive innovation and different thinking within the distributed energy market.

As a leading energy and services business, we can play a pivotal role in tackling climate change. We work closely with our customers to help them deliver their environmental sustainability goals.