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Responding to the spread of coronavirus - Message from our Managing Director

Sensor technology: A driving force in IoT

Sensor technology is the future of Internet of Things: the network of physical objects that collect and exchange data, allowing objects to be sensed and controlled remotely and creating opportunities for improved efficiency and profitability.

Manufacturing equipment,  HVAC components, lighting systems  – our sensors can make them smart,  optimized, efficient, and more importantly, connected.

Our self-powered, miniature, wireless current sensors track energy consumption at the individual circuit breaker level. At the circuit breaker, the sensors clamp on to the outgoing electrical wire that powers each device. The sensors harvest the magnetic field as their power source and begin monitoring and tracking the energy flowing to each energy-consuming asset. They send the data wirelessly to a cloud-based analytics system every 15 seconds.

The data that the sensors gather is analysed on a business rules engine  that performs calculations and analyses.  Every device has an energy profile  and the sensors are able to understand operational patterns, pinpoint inefficiencies and correct faulty systems. They can  also report on and send real-time alerts  on anomalies – thereby avoiding crises  and failed machinery.

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