Generating Electricity On-site for Data Centres

The changing energy landscape demands new thinking

We integrate localised energy solutions for businesses around the world that leverage our energy insights, onsite generation and demand management capabilities. Providing end-to-end energy services across design, manufacture, financing, installation and maintenance. We believe distributed energy solutions could help data centres to use less energy, improve their performance, increase operational resilience, and access new revenue streams.

Power when you need it


  • Businesses are ever more dependent on the always-on power needed to run them – making it critical to manage energy risks, such as volatile supplies and unpredictable prices.
  • Providing a reliable power supply when needed is the primary reason why more and more data centres are installing on-site generation. This is resolving the growing threat of grid-constraints and supply disruption to provide energy resilience for assured business continuity.
  • While a reliable and secure power supply is paramount, data centre managers recognise that by generating their own electricity they can also control and manage their power requirement, while reducing rising energy costs

How we can help

Centrica Business Solutions can offer a competitive suite of next-generation energy solutions allowing you to make and manage your energy, predict your own costs and directly impact your sustainability.

Data Centre power demand is expected to increase by over 300% in the next 5 years. Read our full report to find out more.

Delivering resilient and reliable energy solutions

Take control of your own smart, simple to operate local microgrid.

energy solutions for data centres

Contact our experts to discuss your project and see how we can power a resilient, high efficiency generation solution for your data centre.


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