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Heat pumps

Heat pumps will enable organisations to reduce their carbon emissions and energy spend, as well as their reliance on fossil fuels.

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As the UK’s electricity grid continues to decarbonise, how we heat our business and manufacturing facilities will undergo a huge transformation. Conventional heating systems, which are predominantly fuelled by natural gas, are becoming increasing less aligned with a low carbon future.

Heat pumps can help address current climate change pressure and assist customers in lowering  their carbon footprint. Heat pumps also come with the added benefit that they can be configured to satisfy the cooling requirements of business as well as the heat requirements simultaneously.

Benefits for your business

  • Low carbon heating and cooling: Heat pumps provide significant carbon emission reductions compared to alternative to ‘conventional’ gas fuelled heating systems.
  • A range of solutions: Heat pumps can use a range of heat sources and operate through a wide range of temperatures ensuring the right solution for your business can be found.
  • New build planning: As the new build market moves away from gas fuelled heating solutions, heat pumps are well suited to meet planning criteria.
  • Capturing a rapidly growing opportunity: The proliferation of heat pumps is widely recognised as key to decarbonising heat.
  • Boost renewable generation utilisation: maximise your energy strategy by enabling more flexible usage on-site.
Heat pumps are eligible for the RHI
Heat pumps can provide heating from 40°C up to 165°C
Heat pumps do not emit any direct emissions

How do heat pumps work?

Why Centrica Business Solutions?

  • Work with one partner for onsite generation (match heat pumps with CHP), operations and processes and supply.
  • Our heat pumps can utilise a range of heat sources including air, ground, water and waste heat.
  • We can deliver heat pumps to reach a wide range of temperatures from 40°C to 165°C.
  • We offer a range of financing solutions and full operation and maintenance packages.
Customers supported globally
Centrica revenue in 2019, a FTSE 100 company
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Contact us to learn how you can use heat pumps to reduce carbon emissions and energy spend for your organisation

Heat pumps can be combined with a number of other technologies such as CHP.