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Electric Vehicles

Make a sustainable transport future a reality for your organisation with our integrated package of charging infrastructure, on-site energy and software.

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Realising the environmental and financial benefits of electric vehicles (EV) is increasingly a focus for businesses and public sector organisations. Accessing the right mix of charging infrastructure, supporting drivers with on-the-road tools and deploying the solutions required to power and management your setup are key any business EV system working optimally.

Our global expertise and range of technologies delivers an end-to-end solution to help organisations make the transition to EV faster, simpler and more cost effective; whether you are looking to implement workplace charging, move your fleet to EV, roll out charging networks or deploy infrastructure for sustainable public transport.

Benefits for your business

  • Create an integrated EV strategy that includes solution procurement, installation, operation and maintenance.
  • Support drivers with dedicated app and charge point utilisation software to ensure visibility of charge points.
  • Simplified access to all components with our modular solution design that adapts to your unique site requirements.
  • Ensure infrastructure performance with energy management software for chargers, site and drivers.
  • Deploy distributed energy solutions and manage new power requirements with capital-free financing options.

of organisations are looking at options to electrify transport or offer EVs to employees.1


less than half of businesses have considered the impact of EV on their power requirements.1


of organisations see EV as a path to reducing fuel costs associated with fleets.1

Source: 1. Distributed Energy Future Trends report, Centrica Business Solutions research, 2019

Investment in EV could hit £12bn in the next 2 years. Our panel discuss the benefits of moving to EVs and how to overcome barriers.

How does EV Enablement work?

Our end-to-end solution helps make the transition to EV faster, simpler and more cost effective.

Centrica is moving its fleet of 12.5k vehicles to electric by 2028. Learn about our experience from Centrica's Fleet Manager Steve Winter.

Why Centrica Business Solutions?

  • Over 10 years' experience in working in the energy industry supporting the uptake of electric vehicles.
  • Single supplier security for distributed energy solutions, charging infrastructure and software for drivers.
  • Flexible financing options for energy infrastructure available to suit your organisation's goals.
  • Centrica fleet management team leading the transition of our own fleet of 12.5k vehicles by 2028.
Charge points installed to date by Centrica's consumer and business divisions.
Percentage of our fleet of 12.5k vehicles transitioned to EV; 100% by 2028.

Centrica is a member of EV100, an initiative of the Climate Group.