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EV Enablement for Workplace Charging

Support employees and customers with on-site EV charging and generate revenue with our simple to deploy infrastructure and software package.

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As more employees and customers make the switch to electric vehicles, the need for easy to access charging facilities at the places we work at, shop and visit is growing. Installing future-proofed workplace charging requires right mix of infrastructure, on-the-road support for drivers and energy solutions to overcome site power constraints to meet new requirements.

Our end-to-end solution for workplace provides simplified deployment of charging infrastructure that combines hardware procurement and intelligent software for charger and site energy management with a guaranteed supportive driver experience using our mobile app with call centre support.

Make sustainable transport a reality with EV Enablement

Learn how to unlock the benefits of EV Enablement.

Watch our video and discover the power of emission-free transportation and how you can make it a reality for your organisation. Our solution helps make the transition easier, faster and more cost-effective. 

Benefits for your business

  • Simplify procurement of charging infrastructure and software with a single-supplier that ensures it all works together.
  • Switch to renewable energy sources and easily enable integration of solutions into your existing infrastructure.
  • Manage site energy constraints from new power requirements with CAPEX-free distributed energy solutions.
  • Ensure efficient driver and site management with smart-charging software, driver app and 24/7 call centre.
  • Deliver optimal EV performance of your charging setup with ongoing operation and maintenance.

of organisations are looking at options to electrify transport or offer EVs to employees.1


less than half of businesses have considered the impact of EV on their power requirements.1


of organisations see EV as a path to reducing fuel costs associated with fleets.1

Source: 1. Distributed Energy Future Trends report, Centrica Business Solutions research, 2019

EV chargers at your workplace supports a sustainable future, but you need a setup that's fit for purpose & scalable. Learn more in our eBook.
How does Workplace Charging work?

Our experts will help you identify the opportunity, design a solution, install all components and maintain your infrastructure.

Investment in EV could hit £12bn in the next 2 years. Our panel discuss the benefits of moving to EVs and how to overcome barriers.

Why Centrica Business Solutions?

  • Over 10 years' experience in working in the energy industry supporting the uptake of electric vehicles.
  • Simplified supplier security for deployment including energy solutions, charging infrastructure and software.
  • Ability to future-proof your workplace charging setup for expansion.
  • Flexible financing options for infrastructure and access to investors with specific expertise in areas important to goals.
  • Experienced team providing maintenance of charge points and on-site generation solutions.

Charge points installed to date by Centrica's consumer and business divisions.

Deployed and managed charge points on Centrica's own sites to date.
Our wireless sensor technology is collecting energy data for 4,000 sites globally.

Delivering for your organisation

Find out how we work to meet your business objectives.

We can help your organisation's transition to sustainable transport and future-proof your strategy, both economically and environmentally, with our unique combination of technology, full lifecycle support, flexible funding and end-to-end accountability.