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EV Enablement for Charging Networks

Reduce the investment risk of EV charging network creation with our scalable hardware, software and energy management solution.

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With over 30,000 new electric and hybrid vehicles registered in the first quarter of 20201, the demand for wide-spread charging infrastructure can only grow as more drivers look for availability. The development of easy to find and utilise EV charging facilities present an opportunity for investors and landlords to be part of a sustainable transport network and unlock value.

Our end-to-end solution for Charging Networks enables strategic expansion of charging infrastructure, with simplified procurement of hardware, intelligent software for charger and site energy management, and guarantees a supportive driver experience with our mobile app.

Make sustainable transport a reality with EV Enablement

Learn how to unlock the benefits of EV Enablement.

Watch our video and discover the power of emission-free transportation and how you can make it a reality for your organisation. Our solution helps make the transition easier, faster and more cost-effective.   

Benefit for your business

  • Reduce invest risk with a fully scalable solutions that offers end-to-end infrastructure, software and maintenance.
  • Simplify and future-proof your network expansion with a turnkey solution designed to grow with your investment.
  • Create a driver experience using our intuitive vehicle energy control and charge point operation app.
  • Stay in control with charge point and network load management and insight software.
  • Overcome site capacity restrictions and meet new energy requirements with financed on-site energy solutions.

Number of charge points across the UK as of June 2020.2


Number of charging locations across the UK as of June 2020.2


Percentage of chargers located in Greater London.2

Source:  1. Go Ultra Low   2. Zap Map website

Investment in EV could hit £12bn in the next 2 years. Our panel discuss the benefits of moving to EVs and how to overcome barriers.
How does EV for Charging Networks work?

We can help your organisation identify opportunities, design a solution, install and maintain your infrastructure.

Centrica is moving its fleet of 12.5k vehicles to electric by 2028. Learn about our experience from Centrica's Fleet Manager Steve Winter.

Why Centrica Business Solutions?

  • Over 10 years' experience in working in the energy industry supporting the uptake of electric vehicles
  • Single supplier security for network owners including energy solutions, charging infrastructure and software
  • Flexible financing options for infrastructure and access to investors with specific expertise in areas important to goals
  • Experienced team providing maintenance of charge points and on-site generation solutions
  • Ability to offer Centrica as a tenant if the site is well located rather than use home charging or on street

Charge points installed to date by Centrica's consumer and business divisions.


Our wireless sensor technology is collecting energy data for 4,000 sites globally.


Percentage of our fleet of 12.5k vehicles transitioned to EV, with target of 100% by 2028.

Delivering for your organisation

Find out how we work to meet your business objectives.

We can help your organisation's transition to sustainable transport and future-proof your strategy, both economically and environmentally, with our unique combination of technology, full lifecycle support, flexible funding and end-to-end accountability.