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Commercial LED lighting achieves £180,000 saving pa for NHS

A flagship replacement lighting programme is delivering multimillion-pound savings and cutting carbon emissions.

savings per annum across two phases
lights replaced over two phases
projected payback within six years

Cutting energy costs in a complex environment

As one the busiest and most successful NHS foundation trusts in the UK, this hospital has a large and complex estate and an annual budget of almost £1.5 billion.

Comprehensive energy savings programme featuring high-efficiency lighting technology

Centrica Business Solutions was appointed by the hospital trust to install a comprehensive £1 million replacement lighting programme, featuring the latest smart LED lights, movement sensors and remote-control technology. The energy savings achieved resulted in an extension to the lighting programme, with Centrica Business Solutions commissioned to begin replacing lights in more complex locations which were not included in the original phase.  This required bespoke solutions, sensitive project management and innovative working methods to ensure service continuity and uninterrupted movement by staff, patients and visitors.

The results

The first phase of lighting replacement has produced annual energy savings worth £85,000. The second phase of lighting replacement is currently forecast to provide a further £95,000 of savings. Alongside the savings are significant reductions in carbon emissions and more efficient and cost-effective repair and maintenance regimes. For example, the latest LED fittings can last up to 4.5 times longer than traditional fluorescent luminaires. Sensors and remote-control technology ensure that lights are only switched on when absolutely necessary.

Application of new technology means that the new and extended programme is projected to achieve a payback target of less than six years on an investment of up to £500,000, by carefully targeting remaining areas in which the lighting has the highest run times or have the least efficient existing luminaires.

Why Centrica Business Solutions?

  • Reduce running costs, improve energy efficiency and help it to be more eco-friendly by substantially reducing carbon emissions
  • Carefully researched, planned and executed  work patterns ensure that healthcare services  are uninterrupted
  • Reduced risk of costly, unplanned repairs and maintenance
  • The latest lighting technology provides an enhanced environment for staff, patients and visitors