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Centrica achieves 44% reduction in property emissions

Centrica achieves 44% reduction in property emissions with its own technology.

in global property emissions
in energy user per full time employee in the UK
energy from off-grid sources in Oxford

Property as a carbon reduction driver

In 2007, Centrica set itself the target to reduce the global carbon emissions of its property, fleet and travel by 20% by 2015. One of the most significant contributors to emissions is the organisation’s property portfolio   Therefore, Centrica focused on technology, innovation and cultural change to reduce emissions across its property portfolio.

Smart solutions to energy management

Across the UK, Centrica made a number of changes to the way energy was generated, managed and consumed.

A number of UK sites incorporated biomass, solar thermal and Combined Heat & Power energy units. LED lighting was installed across numerous sites, including the head office. Meanwhile, enhanced Building Management Systems allows Centrica to gain greater insight and control over the energy it consumes to increase operational efficiency. Some sites also switched energy supply contracts to use low carbon biofuel from recycled waste cooking oil.

At the same time, Centrica rationalised property to increase occupancy levels and reduce wastage.

The results

Over an eight-year period, these efforts have led to a 44% reduction in global property emissions since 2007. This contributed to an overall internal carbon footprint reduction of 27% across Centrica.

Key highlights include a 40% reduction in energy use per full-time employee in the UK. A low carbon office in Oxford was also developed as a showcase by Centrica capable of obtaining over 30% of its energy from off-grid low carbon and renewable technology.

With a new target in place to achieve a further 20% reduction in internal carbon footprint by 2025, the reduction programme is gaining pace.