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Chili’s reduce energy use by 7.5% by using Energy Insights

Providing energy insights via 1.3k smart sensors helps Chili’s restaurant chain reduce energy use by 7.5%.

Energy Decrease

Capturing live energy data to drive efficiency

CMR wanted to reduce its energy consumption without negatively affecting restaurant performance – and to arm local restaurant managers with the insight to better manage energy use, whilst reducing operational costs and environmental impact.

A network of sensors

Following a successful pilot in six outlets (generating an 8% energy saving), CMR worked with Panoramic Power channel partner, Solar 2 Green, to roll out the PowerRadar energy management system to 44 of its 65 Chili’s restaurants.

Over 22 days, 1,300 sensors were installed (an average of 30/ restaurant). All the sensor kits were pre-packed separately and tagged for each deployment location. Each sensor collects data every 10 seconds. The data is transmitted via a separate GSM line, avoiding interference with the IT network.

The results

The programme led to energy reductions at 32 of the 44 restaurants – impressive given a 7.6% rise in outdoor temperature versus the previous year, and a 3.5% increase in sales.

The net result was a 7.5% drop in energy, or 112,641kWh saved. For context, 112,641 kWh is the same amount of energy it would take to fully power 3.6 Chili’s restaurants for an entire month; or, the equivalent of 79.2 Tons of CO2 emissions.

Now, I see energy waste everywhere I look. This program has given us a level of awareness I never could have imagined. We’ll not only improve our profit margins, but become better corporate citizens and better professionals.”
Rafael Ruíz Muñoz Corporate Brand Director, CMR Chili’s