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Centrica drives 23% drop in fleet emissions

Changing its approach to commercial and company cars has helped Centrica reduce fleet emissions by 23%.

in commercial fleet emissions
in emissions from company cars
in average car tailpipe emissions

Focused fleet and company car management

Centrica set a target to reduce the global carbon emissions of its property, fleet and travel by 20% over eight years (2007-2015). Central to achieving this was to embed sustainable behaviours and technologies that cut emissions across its commercial fleet and company cars.

Trialling new approaches to driving

Across the UK and North America, Centrica made a number of changes to how its commercial vehicles and company cars were leased, managed and driven.

In the UK, it undertook an industry-leading trial of electric vans in its British Gas fleet. The 100-strong electric vehicle (EV) fleet was the largest fleet of its kind in the UK, and by 2030 Centrica aims to adopt electric and hybrid across its entire fleet.

Employees were also encouraged to use lower emission vehicles when their company car leases came up for renewal, with nearly 180 employees choosing hybrids or EVs. This was supported with the installation of EV charge points at nearly 50 Centrica sites.

The results

These combined actions have led to a 23% reduction in global commercial fleet emissions and a 17% reduction in company car emissions. Overall, carbon emissions across Centrica dropped 27% over the eight-year period.

This was largely driven by Centrica’s continual fleet upgrade in the UK, where vans were replaced with smaller or more efficient vehicles and 8,000 engines were re-mapped to make them run more efficiently. Specific highlights include a 30% reduction in average company car tailpipe emissions.

Following this success, Centrica is now focused on reducing its internal carbon footprint by a further 20% by 2025 from 2015 levels. As part of this, the business kick-started a 10-year fleet decarbonisation scheme in North America.