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WEBINAR: Powering Performance - How to uncover savings

WEBINAR: Powering Performance - How to uncover savings and improve your operational performance through energy insight

Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to energy performance. Your meter readings and building energy management systems will only tell you so much.

Do you know precisely how and when energy is being used across your entire operation, especially your energy using assets?

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Improving energy intelligence

When you use advanced software analytics to gain real-time data from energy consuming devices and equipment, you're likely to cut energy waste. But the biggest winner is often operational efficiency.

Our webinar will introduce Centrica Business Solutions' Panoramic Power energy insights technology, which is helping hundreds of facilities to unlock millions of pounds worth of savings from process efficiency, asset optimisation and improved energy performance.

Real-life examples

We will share real-life examples of how global organisations across all sectors are using granular-level energy insights to improve facility and system-level performance and generate impressive savings.

Webinar outcomes

Our expert panel will discuss how to use advanced energy insights to:

  • Gain second-by second real-time energy data from energy intensive equipment and systems

  • Reveal energy insights you can act on to improve performance

  • Understand exactly how, when and where energy is being used and how to reduce waste

  • Optimise your operations and reduce business risk

  • Improve productivity

  • Analyse asset performance and inform maintenance strategies

  • Inform end-to-end energy management strategies and investment

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Taking place:
Thursday 26th April at 11am

Tim Wynn-Jones, Head of Distributed Energy Solutions Sales
Mark Emery, Energy Insight Business Development Manager 

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