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Securely managing energy assets with Demand Side Response

How to ensure your operations and processes remain productive with Demand Side Response.

Our energy system is undergoing a transformation. Traditional methods of generating, managing and consuming power are becoming too inflexible to meet the requirements of large energy users. As a result, they are adopting an agile, flexible and responsive approach to energy management known as Demand Side Response (DSR).

Demand Side Response (DSR) is a means for your organisation to use energy flexibly. It allows you to reduce usage at certain times, supply energy back into the grid or increase consumption to balance over-supply in the grid.

Optimise energy consumption while generating revenue

It is easy for energy users like you to have concerns around using DSR. No business wants their industrial or critical processes to be negatively affected. A conveyor belt, for example, needs to be available when a business needs it, rather that being turned off due to DSR.

Set industrial boundaries and processes with DSR from Centrica Business Solutions, a solution that respects production planning and processes. Monetise on existing systems at the same time thanks to automation based on algorithms and patented technology. Achieve full visibility of your systems thanks to the transparency of DSR. You can see all your settlements, revenues and know that you are always in control of your assets.

More sophisticated energy usage

DSR works through an energy management platform that acts as a 24/7 interface between a your energy assets and the grid. It provides real-time visibility into consumption and usage. It also allows an accurate assessment of how to provide flexibility to the grid without compromising core operations.

You have full control over their energy assets and how their energy is generated. You can increase, reduce or shift energy demand in response to a signal – such as higher peak-time tariffs, all while assuring your industrial processes are protected. In this way, you can avoid higher costs or sell energy back into the grid at the best price.

DSR improves site resilience by allowing real-time visibility and control of onsite generation, heating and cooling systems, business operations and appliances, and battery storage. Better use of alternative energy sources results in better security of supply. DSR ensures the stability of operations so that you can be confident in achieving on-going business continuity.

High satisfaction amongst DSR adopters

According to a recent survey of DSR users, 77% were satisfied with the outcomes it delivered. DSR also delivers greater generation of revenue and helps users to avoid peak network charges.

However, the survey also indicated that there were significant barriers to DSR adoption - chiefly lack of awareness, knowledge and understanding, combined with a perception that equipment and processes were not suitable and that rewards may not be worth the effort.

Organisations often do not realise that they have existing energy systems which could become revenue generators, without the need to invest in new equipment. Yet they are missing out on valuable opportunities, as it is possible to monetise existing flexible assets with little-to-no CAPEX, and start earning revenue within 3-6 months.

For example, a major grocery retailer earns significant revenue by curtailing their energy demands on only a few occasions each year. They control their refrigeration systems through their energy management platform and have found that they can easily and safely reduce their load by reducing their refrigeration needs by just a few degrees when needed. There is no impact on their core business and they maintain complete control over their assets.

The DSR market innovator

Centrica Business Solutions is the leading innovator in today's DSR market. Our aim is to make DSR more accessible, flexible and straightforward than ever before, so that a greater range of organisations can benefit. We provide the latest advances real-time technology as well as innovative commercial options that suit business needs.

At the heart of Centrica’s DSR solutions is the patented technology of our energy management platform. This can act as a Virtual Power Plant (VPP) and allows us to aggregate different energy resources and manage them flexibly to maximise the value customers can achieve. The platform monitors your consumption, the grid and the energy market in real time.

In this way we can ensure that our solution respects your core processes while optimising your market opportunities. It gives you complete control of onsite energy assets, helping you to improve site resilience and manage risk through real-time monitoring. The solution also provides data to give you new insights on asset performance, energy consumption and process optimisation.

And it's not just new technology. Our proven track record and expertise will introduce you to new thinking and new ways of working to help you develop those critical capabilities - agility, flexibility, responsiveness - for your energy management. Centrica's DSR solutions are enabling energy users to build sustainable businesses for the future, where their energy and their business is 'always on'.

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