How to get the best ROI from battery storage solutions
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How to get the best ROI from battery storage solutions

Finding the proper battery energy storage system route-to-market is increasingly complex. Choosing the right partner can help you navigate the daunting array of revenue options and maximise value from your battery investment.

The business case for investing in battery energy storage systems (BESS) has never been stronger and more relevant. Rapid growth of renewable energy and integrating it with the grid is increasing pressure on grid networks as they struggle to balance grid supply with consumer demand. There is a major shortfall of flexibility to provide grid balancing and keep pace with the rising volume of renewable energy on the grid. The development of lower-cost, longer-life and more reliable battery technologies is opening up the opportunities of energy storage to an increasing number of organisations. And volatile trading markets are boosting revenue potential.

BESS solutions unlock a range of benefits, which is why the technology is being rapidly adopted across multiple energy sectors and is becoming increasingly attractive to energy investors and developers.

Flexibility and charging/discharging capabilities uniquely place this technology for providing and profiting from grid support services and energy markets, and at the same time contributing towards improving sustainability and decarbonisation efforts:

1. Battery storage solutions provide fast, reliable and zero-emissions power

Batteries can instantly be switched on/off and quickly change the power output as required, with no carbon emissions. This makes battery storage solutions a source of unique flexibility for providing grid support services and contributing towards the cost-effective integration of renewable energy with the grid.

2. Battery storage solutions generate new revenue streams

Battery flexibility can be monetised via commercialising battery storage in energy and grid support markets. The super-fast response time, high flexibility and capability of generating and consuming electricity give battery storage solutions a competitive advantage over other solutions – such as flexible load, diesel generators, etc.

3. Battery storage solutions improve sustainability

Batteries are expected to be pivotal in supporting the transition to a net zero energy grid while providing grid stability. Battery storage solutions increase the utilisation of intermittent generation. This not only contributes towards the decarbonisation of the grid but to the cost-effective integration and efficient utilisation of a larger share of renewable energy onto the grid.

The opportunity for investors and developers

These factors are creating a window of opportunity for energy investors and developers to monetise battery storage assets in energy and grid support markets – for a low-risk, sustainable investment. Energy investors and developers now have the opportunity to fully exploit faster response revenue stream opportunities across ancillary services, wholesale and balancing markets while mitigating risk.

But while the value and number of route-to-market opportunities are growing, so are the options and complexity.

Optimisation of battery storage solutions is increasingly complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. This can easily be addressed by choosing the right partner with proven capabilities and market expertise to navigate the daunting array of revenue options. This partner can simplify the process for you and ensure you receive maximum benefits from your investment. Selecting the wrong partner – or attempting this specialist task yourself – can prove costly, risky, and very time-intensive.

Ultimately, it may not maximise value from your battery investment, and you could be leaving money on the table.

Maximise ROI by choosing the right partner

To maximise value from your battery storage assets and unlock the best returns from all available ancillary and merchant market opportunities, it’s important to seek an optimisation specialist with a proven track record and experience with monetising battery storage solutions, including expert automated trading planning and execution capabilities. View our SlideShare below for a comprehensive list of key capabilities that your partner should have and what to look for when selecting a battery optimisation expert.

Expert support for your battery storage project

With a wealth of experience managing battery energy storage systems across international markets, Centrica Business Solutions maximises ROI from your BESS by providing guaranteed revenue, expert trading experience, superior technology, and a streamlined experience. With our market-leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology capabilities and wholesale trading expertise, we have a proven track record in delivering exceptional financial returns and minimising risk in battery storage solutions.

  • Our market-leading AI software optimises 24/7 to maximise opportunity, reduce costs-to-serve and increase agility over more manual trading capabilities
  • We offer a fixed rate of return for your investment in battery storage solutions for up to 10 years
  • Our industry experts monitor trading markets 24/7 to rapidly respond to market events in real-time, maximising opportunity
  • We have market-leading 99.5% reliability to the grid operator to fully exploit all available opportunities and mitigate risk
  • We are Europe’s #1 optimisation provider and consistent #1 UK performer in energy markets
  • We have superior access to 27 European wholesale markets, offering an aggregated portfolio
  • We have over 100MW of battery load under management in various international markets

Streamline the process for building, installing, optimising and maintaining your batteries with our end-to-end battery storage solutions that encompass EPC, energy supply, route-to-market optimisation in grid support and energy markets, and O&M. We can provide fully integrated, state-of-the-art and market-leading battery storage solutions, serving all of your battery needs and delivering cost-effective and profitable investments. As your end-to-end supplier, we can provide high-quality engineered products and sub-components while offering peace-of-mind optimisation in-line with system-level warranties and guarantees.

We offer a range of commercial models to suit different risk appetites, from a full pass through model, through to a floor structure and even an availability and utilisation payment. The team can discuss what is important to the investor in terms of returns and the bankability of revenue streams.

To explore more ways of ensuring you receive the maximum ROI from your battery energy storage system, download your business case below. This business case document has been written specifically for energy developers and investors looking to accelerate risk-free, sustainable revenue opportunities that support grid stability. It will give you the tools and information you need to confidently move forward with your investment.

Learn how you can fully charge your risk-free battery investment strategy by exploiting multi-market opportunities.