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The future of sustainable manufacturing: mission possible

Centrica Business Solutions has partnered with edie to publish the 'Mission Possible: Achieving a Sustainable Future for Manufacturing' report.

Achieving a sustainable future in manufacturing

Manufacturers are turning the negatives of climate change, resource scarcity and rising energy costs into positives by harnessing new technology  to lead on sustainability.

We have partnered with edie to inspire and empower manufacturers to step-up to the sustainability challenge. Our new report 'Mission Possible: Achieving a Sustainable Future in Manufacturing' explores how businesses are innovating and collaborating to build competitive, resilient, greener enterprises that are prepared for future challenges.

What does the future of sustainability look like?

What does the future of sustainability look like? What technologies, innovation and solutions are manufacturers using  to achieve that sustainable future? What examples of best practice can industry learn from? These are some of the questions answered in the new publication.

The report covers the five 'Mission Possible' pillars of sustainable manufacturing (Energy, Resources, Built Environment, Mobility and Business Leadership). It includes the results of a manufacturing survey on the drivers, challenges and opportunities relating to these priorities.

Energy is the number one challenge

Energy is seen as the top sustainability challenge for manufacturers, who are demonstrating innovative new ways of responding to higher prices, resiliency risks and greenhouse gas abatement.

It is clear that manufacturers are setting their energy sustainability targets high, with 26% of those surveyed stating that they are likely to adopt stringent science-based emissions reduction targets by 2020, with more than a third reporting that they are on track to source 100% renewable energy by this time.  More than half of those surveyed were committed to increasing grid flexibility, and many were interested in using IoT technology to inform and implement energy saving strategies. 

Centrica Business Solutions is working with manufacturers to harness advanced technology as a model for sustainable manufacturing. Our customers demonstrate the benefits of embedding sustainability across their businesses. Learn more about how we are helping our customers on our Case Studies page.


Download the full 'Mission Possible: Achieving a Sustainable Future for Manufacturing' report here.