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Fast-track your journey towards energy sustainability

The 8 sustainable business game changers for 2020 are covered in the latest edie Insight report. Ian Hopkins offers his perspective on how organisations can improve energy performance to tackle climate change.

The innovative technologies that can fast track energy sustainability are now more accessible and affordable to businesses of all types and sizes.We're helping thousands of organisations deploy game changing distributed energy technologies to transform the way they source, monitor, manage and consume energy.

In this way, they are tackling climate change, but also driving better financial and operational performance and improved energy resilience.

Steps to energy sustainability

1. Our end-to end approach to transforming energy sustainability is intelligence led. We start by using Internet of Things (IoT) software analytics and monitoring technologies to gain real-time energy insights across entire sites - right down to equipment and process level. This provides opportunities to optimise operations and tackle hidden energy waste. It can also inform advanced energy efficiency solutions.

2. We enable businesses to shift to low carbon, low cost onsite generation, using high efficiency Combined Heat and Power (CHP) and solar. We're seeing excellent cost and carbon reduction results from combining battery storage with solar to create hybrid renewable systems, which typically increases utilisation of renewable solar power by 30 to 40%. 

3. As a final step, our Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology enables businesses to convert their power flexibility from assets, onsite generation and storage into a lucrative income stream. We can automate the dispatch of this spare capacity to capture the full spectrum of Demand Side Management opportunities, such as real-time wholesale trading and Demand Side Response. In a virtuous circle, businesses support grid stability and decarbonisation, while earning revenue and achieving energy savings.


Financing energy transformation

The commercial benefits of shifting to a distributed, sustainable energy strategy are so strong that we can provide financing for solar, CHP and complex energy infrastructure projects, which are repaid via the ongoing energy and operational savings.

We 'walk the talk' on energy sustainability – using distributed energy solutions across the global Centrica estate to reduce emissions. This has helped us to maintain our A-score for climate change action in the global CDP rankings.

Centrica is accelerating tomorrow's game changing technologies. For example, we're live-testing blockchain to drive flexible demand within our innovative Cornwall Local Energy Market project. We're also pioneering the electrification of transport, and futuristic low carbon, low cost microgrids using virtual power plants.

Read the edie Insight report 'The Climate Turning Point: 8 Sustainable Business Gamechangers for 2020

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