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Energy data optimisation

The latest ‘edie Explains’ series is dedicated to understanding energy data optimisation.

Data optimisation is a complex area, but in layman’s terms it is simply about understanding data on your energy use better. Then, the next step is considering ways that information can help improve your business.

In partnership with Centrica Business Solutions, this report will show you at the risks of bad data, what kind of data you need to be looking at, the right approach for your business, and data optimisation cost and ROI.

To steal a well-known phrase; it’s impossible to manage what you can’t measure. Data optimisation makes effective energy measuring, and therefore effective energy management possible. It’s the first step towards an energy-smart operation.

Quotation: “Quite simply, data on its own is no good – it’s what you do with it that counts.” Ian Hopkins, Sales Director Centrica Business Solutions

Download the Energy data optimisation report